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The specter of the late Stephanja Ditkovic, Gimbal is Gavin Albright's Rotom and primary creative partner and, in her previous life, was Tommy Petersen's mother. Intelligent and curious, she has been nicknamed "DP" (Director of Photography) for her invaluable skill in operating filming equipment. She is Shutter's official starter, though not the first pokémon he has ever raised.

General Info

Species: Rotom

Gender: Genderless (Female personality)

Age: Unknown, has been with her partner for over 8 years

Obtained: [Craigslist]

Ball: A gimbal stabilizer designed for Clavis C-Series DSLR Cameras.

First Appearance: Page 21608, Post 540179

Ability: Levitate


Snarky and sarcastic, Gimbal shows no fear or favor on whom she sasses, including her partner Shutter, who she addresses by his first name. She is adept in the use of film making equipment and is versed enough in the art of guerilla film making, though her mastery of human culture outside of this niche is rather spotty. She and Shutter share a penchant for finding themselves in trouble they must run away from. Although a firm believer in "discretion is the better part of valor," she does display moments where she shows combat skill and creative problem solving. She is a pragmatist in battle but a mad artist in any other scenario.

Gimbal shares a passive-aggressive rivalry with Charger, whom she was instrumental in capturing. She calls him "that magnemite" and often describes him dismissively. Outside their rivalry, they are known to get along well when sharing a common interest; frequently, this takes the form of Scout, a pidgey chick they've helped raise.

Shutter tends to trust her more than all his other Pokémon and often lets her tag along with friends like Tommy when he feels that they need backup. Especially when it involves Tommy, she is quick to call this "babysitting duty." She tends to hold the role of "mom friend" to the group and is generally protective of Shutter and his closest friends.


As a human

In life, Stephanja was a strong-willed yet caring woman, a journalist and writer who traveled a lot on assignment. She married a fictionist, Stanford, despite their often clashing personalities, and the two were blessed with one child, Thomas. The circumstances of her death are still unclear to her at present, but she knew foul play was involved. What was clear to the family was that it was likely an assassination attempt by a criminal group they have come into conflict in the past. It was later linked to an old student of her brother-in-law.

In the afterlife, Stephanja was distraught at the iniquity of her death's circumstances; her pleas did not land on deaf ears and, with her husband's blessing, she took on the Spirit Games and returned. Meanwhile, he moved on to the afterlife. Much like her other memories, the circumstances and their details were obscured to her.

As a Rotom

Although she returned to life, her other wish of being returned to her family was not granted. She spent the next few years learning her abilities and re-learning human culture by possessing random objects.

She was later acquired by Shutter more or less by accident, having been purchased along with a discount gimbal on [Craigslist equivalent] shortly before his stint at the Geographic Society. Although they've had an immensely rough start, they've since developed a close (if vitriolic) bond. The two of them work closely with one another; they approach cinematography the way other players take to Pokemon Battles. Over the years, she and her partner have survived the many rigors of the wild, often getting into all manner of odd situations while on assignment. She frequently tags along with him and his other friends (including Tommy) on assignments.

Upon recovering her memories, she has spent more time with her son, though she continues to officially be Gavin's starter.