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Charger is a magnemite owned by Shutter.

General Info

Gender: Genderless (Male personality)

Age: Unknown, has been with the crew for over 5 years

Obtained: On assignment in the Kinkan City power station

Ball: A standard pokeball

First Appearance: Page 21613, Post 540301

Ability: Thunder shock, magnet bomb


Charger has a sullen personality. Although he will never admit it, he has since grown rather attached to the team he's in, even though he only usually talks to Shutter as a pretext to snark at Gimbal. He strives to cultivate an aloof and world-weary demeanor, he is easily the most emotional one in the group. He has a hearty appetite and was trained to cooperate on the basis of food rewards.

He has a rivalry with Gimbal and refers to her exclusively as "that rotom." He and Gimbal are not true enemies and can be friendly toward one another if they find adequate common ground, which is usually raising Scout, a abandoned pidgey that Shutter rescued. They act as Scout's parents.


Charger got his nickname when he was coaxed to help Shutter charge electrical items--a tough feat given his initial noncooperative nature. He was the only Pokemon in Shutter's team to have been captured by conventional means, being done in by Gimbal. He was conditioned to follow instructions through food bribery, but otherwise prefers to work away from Gimbal.