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Jazz is Kai's shiny Arbok.


  • Age: 6
  • Birthday: February 24
  • Nature: Sassy
  • Ability:
  • Met: Kanto Route 11 (Ekans)
  • Favorite Move: Toxic
  • Likes: Smuglord, Relic
  • Dislikes: Jasper

Hasslemon Quirk

Jazz sspeakss in gold, and hass a sstereotypical ssnakelike lissp. Ssuch a lissp iss not by choice, and sshe in fact desspissess it.

Name Origin:

Jazz is a type of music. It also happens to be the name of her author's friend's pet snake.


Jazz can be snarky at times, but is generally very kind.

Abilities in Battle

Known Moves: Toxic, Earthquake, Dark Pulse


Jazz was found on Route 11, three months after Kai adopted Skye.


Jazz considers Smuglord somewhat of a younger brother, despite not being genetically related to him.

Kai's Team
Current Team : Jazz024SMini.pngSpectrum330Mini.pngMGMT604Mini.pngCassius625Mini.pngHolly282Mini.pngLamarr141Mini.pngVo206Mini.pngRia160Mini.pngWilbur326Mini.pngAzarath065Mini.pngBanjo217Mini.pngMyra479Mini.pngSmuglord497Mini.pngDihrao034Mini.pngEverest545Mini.pngDoopliss132Mini.pngNix250Mini.png
Released : Skye227Mini.pngBrecht606Mini.png • Pyrite074SMini.png • Birnam Wood185Mini.png • Oscar569Mini.png • Barako407Mini.png
Traded/Given To Other Trainers : Tartarus229Mini.pngPallad376SMini.png
J-Dan (Kalter) : Nyx250NyxMini.pngAndromeda169Mini.pngShockwave738Mini.pngCassius625Mini.png
As last seen in: Hoenn Battle Frontier