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Tartarus is Kai's Houndoom


  • Age: 3
  • Nature: Lonely
  • Ability: Flash Fire
  • Met: Lake of Rage
  • Favorite Move: Flamethrower
  • Likes: Tanamo
  • Dislikes: Nearly everyone else


Tartarus is a quite literal "lone wolf", preferring to do things on his own rather than collaboratively.

Abilities in Battle

Known Moves:

  • TypeFire.gif Flamethrower


Around 3 months before the AU arc, Kai found Tartarus alone at the Lake of Rage. About two months later, he ran away, headed back to his former home, where he eventually met Tanamo. Falling in love with her, he eventually softened up and started opening up to her. A year later, he decided to give Kai another chance, regretting having run away in the first place.


Tartarus is in a relationship with Tanamo.

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As last seen in: Hoenn Battle Frontier