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Igneous is Reaver's Delta Pupitar


  • Age: 9
  • Birthday: September 19, 2010
  • Nature: Bold
  • Ability: Flash Fire
  • Met: Route 30
  • Favorite Move: Flare Blitz
  • Likes: Himself, Lake, Stratus
  • Dislikes: Anyone "inferior" to him

Igneous is a TypeFire.gif Delta.

Name Origin:

Igneous rocks are a type of rock formed by cooling molten rock.


Igneous has an incredibly inflated ego, and believes himself to be superior to everyone due to being a Delta.

Abilities in Battle

Igneous has a much higher Defense and slightly more Special Attack than other Pupitar, in exchange for being much slower.

Type Move Acquisition Performance ??? Notes
TypeFire.gif Fire Fang Natural ★★★★★ Much easier to use when your fangs are naturally incredibly hot.
TypeNormal.gif Leer Natural ★★★★
TypeFire.gif Sunny Day Natural ★★★★★ Matches Sandstorm in a regular Tyranitar's movepool.
TypeSteel.gif Metal Sound Natural ★★★ Matches Screech in a regular Tyranitar's movepool.
TypeSteel.gif Mirror Shot Natural ★★ Matches Rock Slide in a regular Tyranitar's movepool.
TypeNormal.gif Scary Face Natural ★★★★
TypeNormal.gif Paralyzing Gaze Natural ★★★★ TCG move; acts exactly like Glare
TypeDragon.gif Outrage Natural ★★★★★ Matches Thrash in a regular Tyranitar's movepool.
TypeSteel.gif Flash Cannon Natural ★★★ Matches Dark Pulse in a regular Tyranitar's movepool
TypeSteel.gif Metal Burst Natural ★★★★ Matches Payback in a normal Tyranitar's movepool
TypeDark.gif Crunch Natural ★★★★
TypeFire.gif Flamethrower Natural ★★★★★
TypeFire.gif Flare Blitz Natural ★★★★★ Matches Double Edge in a Tyranitar's tutored movepool. However, it is natural for Igneous.
TypeGround.gif Earthquake Natural ★★★★★ Igneous has learned to use it at point-blank to maximize effectiveness
TypeSteel.gif Heavy Slam Natural ★★★★★ Igneous weighs over twice as much as a normal Tyranitar due to being made of metal.
TypeFire.gif Eruption Natural ★★★★★ Matches Hyper Beam and Giga Impact in a regular Tyranitar's movepool.
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Igneous


Igneous has had several trainers throughout the years. Aside from retconned characters, Igneous briefly was caught by Alli before releasing himself. He was later caught again by Reaver at the beginning of the Galar Arc.

While traveling with Lake and Stratus through the PMD universes, Igneous evolved into a Pupitar, then a Tyranitar. He abandoned the group immediately after returning to the OU, but encountered them again multiple times throughout their travels. About halfway through the arc, Alli finally successfully caught him.

During Re:Glitch, Igneous was revealed to have gotten de-evolved by Dialga for hoarding a stray Timespace Shard. He evolved into Pupitar again, and had a brief encounter with the Justice Cabal before eventually appearing on Reaver's team.


  • Absorbed Cornn's trap set on the Stalemate Resolution button in the final battle of PEFE-B.

In the AU

In the AU, Igneous was a different type (TypeElectric.gifTypeDragon.gif) with a different name -- Varotsos. He took a position in what was once the Foreign Legion, having beaten up a former mook named Redflank and replaced him.

Being a different type in the AU, he has a completely different moveset.


Igneous is rather fond of Lake and Stratus.

Igneous has flirted with Spectrum and Ria, although it is uncertain whether he actually likes them romantically or not.


  • Igneous has a sort of natural jetpack in the form of jets coming out behind the plate-scales on his back.

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