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Linux is Alli's glitchy PEFEgon-Z


  • Age: Unknown
  • Nature: Sassy
  • Ability: None
  • Met: PEFE-B
  • Favorite Move: Shadow Ball
  • Likes: Myra


Linux is snarky, often making sardonic comments toward Alli's behavior.

Abilities in Battle

Linux can only function properly as a Rotom-Z, having been blinded by Prometheus's glitching.


Linux was a PEFEgon2 working in PEFE-B. He was called to help restore power to the facility, when PEFeDOS was reawakened. Linux ended up getting shardported to the OU, where Alli caught him without warning.

Later, while Prometheus was roaming Kanto, Linux touched him, and ended up getting forcibly upgraded, ending up as a glitchy PEFEgon-Z.

In his first battle as a glitchmon, it was quickly discovered that he was completely incapable of fighting on his own. Eskay suggested Myra possess him, which led to the discovery of Rotom-Z.


Linux has only ever shown respect for Myra.

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