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Rotom-Z is a Rotom form (TypeElectric.gifTypeNormal.gif) created when a Rotom possesses a Porygon-Z. Rotom-Z is not permitted in League-sponsored battles, Battle Frontiers, or tournaments.


Rotom-Z's base stats are Porygon-Z's base stats, plus a fraction of Rotom's stats. Of course, this is almost meaningless in the context of the RP.

HP: 85
Attack: 85
Defense: 100
Sp. Attack: 145
Sp. Defense: 90
Speed: 95

Abilities In Battle

Rotom-Z's ability is Twofold, which allows it to use the same move twice in one turn, in exchange for taking up two spaces in a Double or Triple battle. It cannot be used in a Single or Rotation Battle. The move in question can be focused on one opponent or divided between two, but both instances of moves must be identical. Rotom-Z can use moves from either the Rotom or the Porygon-Z host's movepool.

Known Rotom-Z