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(The allcaps is important)

EMPEROR is an Empoleon with a penchant for getting exceptionally lost. Daydre was formerly his trainer, but for unknown reasons that is no longer the case.

Age: 12 (Born 2008)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Like a normal Empoleon for the most part, though he wears a fanny pack and has a mystic water wrapped around one of his horns. If one were to compare his horns to another Empoleon's, it's most likely they'd be shorter.

Daydre's Team
On Hand : Rowan038Mini.pngThe Punisher176Mini.pngSylvie282Mini.pngMr. Bitey303Mini.pngAzure730Mini.pngTabitha052aMini.png
Friendo737Mini.pngHellebore037aMini.pngRikuo570RikuoMini.pngKazma814Mini.pngBartholomew838Mini.pngDisco Duck083gMini.png
Boxed : Anna637Mini.pngAzami303Mini.pngPercy134Mini.pngKitty678fMini.pngRyuko123Mini.pngSenketsu679Mini.png*
Released : Star398Mini.pngEMPEROR395Mini.png
Ama : Hellebore 038aMini.pngAlstroemeria 654Mini.png
As last seen in: Galar