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The Aurabolts are a clandestine group of superheroes that focus on destabilizing and raiding the lairs of organized criminal and supervillain enterprises. Formed in early 2019, they are headquartered in the Oblivion Wing, an aircraft in the possession of Silas Grant.

Although many of their individual members have been known to the public in some form, it was only recently that the team has been revealed as a whole, in the wake of a zombie incident in the [German] city of Eddisburg and its nearby castle, Lycanrow.

So far, their adventures have led them to come into conflict with a guild of poachers and remnants of Pokefutures.

Current Members


  • The Aurabolts derive their name from the Thunderbolts in Marvel Comics and are meant to be an "antihero" superhero team specializing in stealth ops.
  • To maintain good PR and avoid probing questions on their secret identities, the Aurabolts agreed to a licensing deal using their likenesses for an animated television series and line of merchandising.