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The Armbands are amulets that can temporarily change a human to a mon or vice versa, depending on the type. If a human who does not understand Monese uses the human-mon armband, they will retain their understanding of the language after removing the armband, and anyone who has learned to understand it (eg: Sol and Umbra) will understand it in their native tongue.

Known Types

  • Human to Pokémon
  • Pokémon to Human
  • "Borked" (Causes partial transformations)
  • Type Armband (Turns the holder into random Pokémon sharing a singular type)
  • The Omniband

Armband Holders



"Borked" Armband

Type Armband


  • Evan (from his home universe)


  • The transformation process gives off an odd smell for a few seconds afterwards, and as a result PMD-B's smell is similar.
  • Humans who have used the Pokémon to human Armbands are left partially Pokémon, which is how they retain their ability to understand Monese, and while not tested in-story, a similar process happens in reverse. The same also holds true for the majority of Weremons.