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Also known as the Otherverse, it's a universe which is Lighter and Softer than the OU, and is particularly noted for its lack of Glitch activity, which during the Entralink Arc is revealed to be because of the more chaotic universes such as the OU absorbing Glitch energy that would otherwise affect it like a multiversal version of Jupiter preventing most large asteroids from impacting Earth.


  • Grings Kodai's Celebi plot occurred in Azalea as opposed to Crown City, leading Tangent to take the place of Rowena in this universe.
  • Basket landed in Goldenrod City, became a zoo denizen, and has three saplings fathered by Maekrite, who lives in the wild.
  • Tracer was the B/W protagonist, this universe's Unova taking solely after White and White 2.
  • Fool became a monotype Water trainer and still has both parents. She also goes by her birth name of Solana in this universe to begin with.
  • Tagg became leader of the PEFE.
  • Ellen is still alive, though Eskay still has a fear of Toxicroak.
  • Mezzo and Lily are in a relationship due to her changing her mind about Mezzo sooner.
  • Every is a Ghost monotyper.
  • Umbra and Lina are still together, and managed to meet earlier.
  • Kai and Alli are Poison and Dragon monotypers respectively.
  • Psyche was born in Ecruteak instead. She was beaten up by Tyrogue and raised by Abra, giving her a fear of the former, and the motifs of the latter. Ironically, though, she has yet to meet Kai.


  • The Otherverse takes its name from the Another Day mode of The World Ends With You, which also takes place in a Lighter and Softer version of the main game's universe.