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Hellbender wearing her Aksltl Bad Boyz jacket. (Commission by autobottesla)

Hellbender is a Quagsire and a member of Maggie's team, Chum's Pirates, and a group called the Aksltl Bad Boyz. She is generally relaxed, but does have a bit of a mean streak when the situation presents itself. She has a strange affinity for bomb-esque things despite her ability naturally suppressing explosives. She would also consider herself a treasure hunter of a sort as of 2015.

General Info

Species: Quagsire

Gender: Female

Age: 5

Obtained: Route 14, Kalos

Ball: Great

Birthday: December 11th, 2010

First Appearance: Page 14292

Ability: Damp




Growing up in the swamps of Route 14 in Kalos, Hellbender at some point got involved with a group called the Aksltl Bad Boyz.


In what was formerly a normal day, Hellbender ran into a Rampardos and a Luxray who had come into their part of the swamp and was causing trouble. In the process of trying to teach the Rampardos a lesson, she ended up being caught by Maggie. After joining the team, she ran into the Greninja Squad to talk to them as a fellow-water based team, though they seemed to prefer things a bit faster than her. From there, she went on to keep training and ended up a member of the team that challenged the Kalos Elite Four, eventually winning.


Hellbender spent this arc at PEFE HQ, at some point being convinced to join Chum's Pirates.

Johto Mini-Arc

Hellbender spent this arc with Maggie, but did not do much of consequence aside from starting to wear her current jacket.


After having spent some portion of this arc at PEFE HQ, Hellbender decided to head back to Route 14 to see her old gang and get them interested in the idea of treasure hunting. After some period of this, a lab-hatched Wooper came along and she convinced him to join too. From there, they ended up wandering out and collecting treasure. After finding an Armband that turned her into a Torkoal and getting temporarily devolved, she found another treasure that led to her getting captured by a then treasure-obsessed Honchkrow. Eventually she and Pankaja made their ways out of that scenario.

After a while, she suddenly dreamt of a black door which led her to a room with several jewels and a coin made of mithril.


Notable Moves
Type Move Acquisition Performance ??? Notes
TypeGround.gif Mud Bomb195Mini.png Natural ★★★ Often-used Ground-type attack
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Hellbender

TypeNormal.gif Bide, Confide, Facade, Flash, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Protect, Safeguard, Slam, Tail Whip, Yawn

TypeWater.gif Bubble Beam, Rain Dance, Scald, Water Gun

TypeIce.gif Blizzard, Hail, Haze, Ice Beam, Icy Wind, Mist

TypeFighting.gif Focus Blast, Power-Up Punch, Rock Smash

TypePoison.gif Sludge Bomb

TypeGround.gif Bulldoze, Earthquake, Dig, Mud Shot, Mud Sport

TypePsychic.gif Amnesia

TypeBug.gif Infestation

TypeRock.gif Rock Tomb, Sandstorm, Stone Edge

TypeDark.gif Fling

As a Torkoal324Mini.png

Ability: White Smoke

TypeNormal.gif Bide, Confide, Facade, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Protect, Yawn

TypeFire.gif Ember

TypeWater.gif Withdraw

TypeFighting.gif Rock Smash

TypePoison.gif Sludge Bomb, Smog

TypeGround.gif Bulldoze, Earthquake

TypePsychic.gif Amnesia

TypeRock.gif Rock Tomb, Stone Edge

Notable Possessions

  • A black jacket with an illustration of a Wooper blowing bubbles on the back.
  • An Armband that changes the wearer into a Fire-type.


  • She is not fond of Foudre or Hyp due to their aforementioned shenanegins, especially the latter.
  • She would consider herself friends with Pankaja.

Alternate Forms

Torkoal: Hasn't had much of a need to be one and doesn't want to mess up her jacket


From left to right: Bobbery, Pa-Patch, Tide, Slliuq, Chum, Jones, Slightly, Damburst, and Hellbender. (Commission by autobottesla)
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