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Damburst with his bug antennae headband. (Commission by autobottesla)

General Info

Species: Gyarados

Gender: Male

Age: 7

Obtained: Great Marsh, Sinnoh

Ball: Great

Birthday: December 15th, 2008

First Appearance: Page 10 post 251 as a Random Gyarados (Silent's no-plot-specific OU posts) (look for the attitude)

Nature: Sassy

Ability: Intimidate


Eager to be on the frontline and doesn't think too much about who he has to decry in order to be so. Has a bit of a superiority complex, even compared to his other clutchmates. Quick to take offense, but not quick to hit back.




Damburst's clutch was originally from Lake Valor before it was bombed by Team Galactic. He was one of the survivors of the explosion and searched a while for a suitable location until they found the Great Marsh. He lived there for a fair amount of time.


Damburst first appeared as an Gyarados NPC handled by User:VeniaSilente who was affected by an incident involving Drapion, Arbok, and a Bibarel Dam. He was originally beligerently against helping with the situation, but was convinced to help clog the breaking Bibarel Dam in exchange for a challenge, in which Maggie caught him and took him back to Unova with the others. He also helped a tad with Carol's rescue from the Pawniard Army.


Damburst followed the rest of the team to Holon, though didn't end up doing much of consequence there, save scaring a bunch of Cipher Peons amassed in an internet café by suddenly emerging from an SEP Field.


Damburst was a member of Maggie's party for this arc and helped assist her with battling Cipher, most notably her two matches against Aelia. He also ended up joining Chum's group of pirates at some point during the arc and got invovled in a caroling battle at PEFE HQ.


Damburst was at PEFE HQ for this Arc, not doing much of consequence.


Damburst was in Maggie's team for this arc, though did not do much of consequence outside of assumed offscreen Pirate business.

Johto Mini-Arc/Hoenn-2

Damburst was at PEFE HQ for this Arc, not doing much of consequence.


Damburst's Movepool
Type Move Acquisition Performance ??? Notes
TypeWater.gif Aqua Tail Natural ★★★ Less time-intensive than Dive
TypeWater.gif Dive Tutor ★★★★★ Damburst's most used attack. Learned on the way to Great Marsh somehow.
TypeIce.gif Ice Fang Natural ★★★★ Slightly more effective than just nearly Biting peoplemons
TypeDragon.gif Twister Natural ★★★ Because he's totally a Dragon
TypeDark.gif Bite Natural ★★★★ Used more frequently to nearly Bite than actually Bite.
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Damburst

TypeNormal.gif Attract, Bide, Confide, Facade, Flail, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Leer, Protect, Splash, Swagger, Tackle, Thrash

TypeFire.gif Fire Blast, Flamethrower

TypeWater.gif Bubble Beam, Hydro Pump, Rain Dance, Scald

TypeElectric.gif Thunder, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt

TypeIce.gif Blizzard, Hail, Ice Beam

TypeFighting.gif Rock Smash

TypeGround.gif Bulldoze, Earthquake

TypeRock.gif Rock Tomb, Sandstorm, Stone Edge

TypeGhost.gif Spite

TypeDragon.gif Dragon Dance, Dragon Rage, Dragon Tail

TypeDark.gif Crunch, Payback, Reflux, Torment


  • Damburst is a member of Chum's crew of pirates


From left to right: Bobbery, Pa-Patch, Tide, Slliuq, Chum, Jones, Slightly, Damburst, and Hellbender. (Commission by autobottesla)
Maggie's Team
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