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Connie in skating gear. (Commission by autobotesla)

Connie is a Mienshao and part of Maggie's team. She learned how to skate out of a respect for her sister and Korrina and a desire to not be clumsy.

General Info

Species: Mienshao

Gender: Female

Age: 4

Obtained: Route 8, Kalos

Ball: Great

Birthday: December 4th, 2012

First Appearance: Page 13548

Nature: Careful

Ability: Regenerator





Connie was born in the mountainous part of Route 8 of Kalos. She got pretty close to her older sister. She was a bit surprised when her sister was captured by a rollerskating Gym Leader. She decided to emulate the Gym Leader by learning how to skate as a result, though.


In one of her skating training sessions, she physically ran into a human and ended up agreeing to join her team to get stringer than she would just training around home. After a bit of travelling, she fell in a hole dug by a Furfrou and was subsequently rescuekidnapped and babied by a Talonflame who tried to feed her Leppa Pie. During this, she got to talk with a Quilladin who went through a similar fate.

When the group got to Shalour, she met her sister outside of the Gym, who told her she'd need to work harder if she wanted to get far. This discouraged Connie, though she was cheered up a bit by talking with Georgette and Aaron. In addition, seeing her sister mess up while battling Aaron also encouraged her because it showed that she can mess up too. She then kept battling, resolving to do well.

Eventually they reached the Elite Four, where she participated, evolving after beating Siebold's Barbaracle. From there, she also managed to deal the final blow on Diantha's Mega Gardevoir. After this, she went to meet her sister again, who said she couldn't watch her in the league challenge, but did congratulate her for having beaten it.


While in Hia Valley, Connie encountered a cold-looking Cacnea wearing rollerskates and brought him back to the Stormchaser. She also defended him when there was a Zoroark who was trying to convince him to join him by pretending to be her and attacking him. She fully realized he was from another time when he vanished upon leaving for Haruba.

Johto Mini-Arc

While in Goldenrod, Connie tried to teach Aaron how to roller skate in a skate park. He fell down a bit at first, but eventually got balanced enough to somewhat do it.


Connie spent much of this time with Tagg, learning a technique to prepare for a battle her trainer was getting ready for. For April Fool's Day, she became human temporarily and met the likewise human Aaron. She eventually rejoined with her trainer when Xatu teleported her to Mossdeep for Tanabata.


Notable Moves
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeFighting.gif Drain Punch Natural ★★★★ Connie's most frequently used move
TypeFighting.gif Jump Kick Natural ★★★ More powerful, but less controlled
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Connie

TypeNormal.gif Bide, Confide, Double Slap, Facade, Fake Out, Helping Hand, Hugh Jump Kick, Pound, Protect, Swift, Swords Dance

TypeFire.gif Sunny Day

TypeWater.gif Rain Dance

TypeGrass.gif Grass Knot

TypeFighting.gif Bulk Up, Detect, Focus Blast, Force Palm, High Jump Kick, Low Sweep, Power-Up Punch, Quick Guard, Rock Smash

TypePoison.gif Poison Jab

TypeGround.gif Dig

TypeFlying.gif Aerial Ace, Bounce

TypePsychic.gif Calm Mind, Meditate, Reflect

TypeBug.gif U-Turn

TypeRock.gif Rock Tomb, Stone Edge, Wide Guard

TypeDark.gif Fling, Payback


  • Looked up to her sister as a child and despite some rockiness, has a decent relationship with her now
  • Is currently at least very good friends with Aaron.

Alternate Forms

Human: Doesn't really dislike it, but wouldn't want to be one for too long


  • Connie does not like Leppa, as it is too spicy for her.


From left to right: Connie, SleepyHead, Sweetie, Sack, Maggie, Squealer, and Chum (Commission by autobottesla)
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