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Aelia (full name Aelia Morgan) is a Cipher scientist who first appeared in Holon.


Aelia is of medium height and is fairly slender. She has long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail and blue eyes. Usually she wears half-rimmed glasses and a lab coat, but will abandon this in favour of a Cipher Peon uniform if she believes the situation necessitates it.


Aelia's defining trait is probably her arrogance. She is convinced of her own genius and apathetic to those around her, to the point where her reason for working with Cipher is merely to further her own research without moral restrictions. She lacks empathy and is a casual sadist, often carrying out experiments for her own amusement rather than any real scientific purpose. Though she hates taking orders from authority figures, believing that she should be the one in charge, she is perfectly willing to follow her orders to the letter - mostly in the hope that doing so will earn her a promotion.


Aelia was born and raised in Sunyshore, and like most Pokepan residents received her starter on her 10th birthday. She had no interest in being a trainer, however, and left for Holon to become a researcher. From there, she has worked for anyone willing to tolerate her lack of ethics. Eventually she ended up working as a contractor for Cipher in the Holon region until the J-Team arrived. She was able to capture Crewe and Samus, forcibly multityping the pair, but had to abandon her research once the J-Team staged a raid on Cipher's labs and fled to Orre to start working for Cipher full-time as a Peon.


  • Due to the trouble she caused at the Holon Institute, Aelia has an intense dislike of Crewe and frequently refers to her as a "pest".
  • Aelia is a descendant of Ayame and Fukurou, and is Maggie's second cousin.


Delta* Luxray
Delta* Golbat
Delta* Golbat

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