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Hailing from the Unova region, Kala, for better or worse, has had a very unsettled and unusual upbringing. Unlike quite a few people in Unova, he and his mother, Miva, never really liked big-city life and preferred an off-the-beaten-path road leading to the wilderness when possible, not normally accessible through the main Routes, though Kala wasn't nearly as adverse to the idea as her, so when he decided he wanted to become a trainer of Pokemon, which involved exploring the world and having new experiences, Miva worried greatly, not only due to the potential dangers involved given the amount of incidents but also simply because she would be almost entirely alone. When Kala brought this up to her directly, she stated her concerns and in turn Kala suggested moving to one of the cities, an idea she vehemently refused. In fact, after hearing that, she forbade Kala from leaving the house, and for a few years that's exactly how things were... until one day, at the age of 14, Kala decided he'd had enough, and ran off in the night, leaving her behind, a decision he honestly regrets. A week or so later, after his plan had all but failed due to misconceptions about the world and a lack of funds or support, he came back, only to find that they were both gone. Confused, he went inside and looked around, before finding a note, a passport, and a lot of money. Reading the note, he'd realized what happened while he was gone; Miva fell ill and was diagnosed with a terminal disease, and the note explained that she didn't want him to think of her too much anymore because of this, and that he should just go and pursue his dreams. Needless to say, this took a massive emotional impact on him, and after taking the items, rushed over to the nearest hospital, hoping he wasn't too late... and thankfully, he wasn't, and they reunited one last time. After talking about everything that'd happened with her and reconciling their differences, he decided that honoring her wishes was the best thing he could do, and began his journey, hoping to bring unity and happiness into the lives of those he meets.

He hasn't had any direct ties to one of the major criminal organizations, but he did believe in parts of what Team Plasma said when he heard about them during his journey, namely the idea of letting Pokemon be free, a mannerism he keeps to this day.

Currently, he is meeting a new group of people in Lumiose City, and from there? Who knows... Only time will tell.


His skin is a slightly tanned white, and he wears a blue long-sleeved short with white stripes from the neckline to the ends of the sleeves, with his pants and shoes following a similar pattern. His hair is brown with green eyes, and his overall frame is weak-looking, not helped by his slight shortness compared to others of his age (16).