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A Weremon is a natural human or Pokémon granted the ability to transform into either form without the usage of an Armband or similar transformation device.

The term is a catch-all for multiple enchantments; as such, the exact rules of the transformation will vary. Usually, the transformation is between a human and Pokémon form, and triggered by sunlight and/or moonlight.

Common Sources

It is most useful to classify cases of lyncanthropy by the source, as each "strain" tends to share common behavior.

Shadow Curses

Entities such as Noir and Coyote (interlopers into reality from the collective unconscious?) have been known to amuse themselves by cursing individuals with a contagious weremon condition.

  • the curse is easily spread through bites, cuts, and similar fluid exposure
  • the curse seems to be Obscura based
  • it is usually cured through exposure to Silver Wind and potentially other semiotically "holy" attacks
  • exposure to moonlight after sundown generally triggers the transformation to the non-native form, with sunlight restoring one's original body; this is sometimes reversed, however

Mew's Blessings

Mew has been known to grant people a voluntary ability to transform, typically as an apology for an earlier transformation of more-permanent nature.

  • this enchantment is not known to be contagious; it is not "curable" without further magic
  • the blessing permits transformation, sometimes at-will, when exposed to moonlight
    • some people acquire a material focus (such as an elemental stone) to transform at any time of day; they become dependent on the focus to change, however, and can't use moonlight anymore

Sparkle Blessing

Mew offered another type of blessing on request by Sholto, meant to imitate the effects of Shadow Curses more.

  • this enchantment is contagious, but must be willingly spread by an infectee. It is likewise not "curable" without further magic
  • this blessing transforms users into human form in sunlight and pokemon form in moonlight
    • the progenitor can affect those around him with a temporary transformation, though they change back with exposure to the other kind of light

Duolis's Gang

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Shadow Curse



Mew's Blessing


Sparkle Blessing


Duolis' Gang/The Phantom Force