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<"And keep it together Mendel.">
Pearl is Mendel's Spoink. She was Mendel's second mon and registered prior to Mendel premiere.

  • Species: Spoink
  • Nickname: Pearl
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Gender: Female
  • Nature: Mild
  • Ability: Thick Fat
  • Hidden Power Type: Rock
  • Pokéball: Great Ball
  • Egg Moves:
    • Due to her father being a Smeargle, Pearl has all available Egg Moves.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Mendel's Team
On Hand : Hertz479Mini.pngPearl325Mini.pngKaguya035Mini.pngVirion722Mini.png*
Boxed : • • •
Borrowed : Scissors347Mini.png
As last seen in: Re: Glitch