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(for back-and-forth commentary and discussion that is of deeper scope than that the chatroom allows, usage of the Bracelets discussion or the Sandbox thread is recommended)

The Bracelets are a (currently unintroduced) item crafted by Galvani the Magnezone. They were originally made as a supplement to the Armbands that allow for Human to Pokemon and Pokemon to Human transformation, but are severely restricted in number. The transformation itself would be mechanically similar to the far more ancient (and likely more powerful) armbands, but the manner of transformation differs greatly.

Each bracelet is a work of pure SCIENCE!, and thus have No Plan, No Prototype, No Backup. They cannot simply be taken apart and reverse-engineered, as tampering with the inner workings in any way will make it unusable, and even Galvani has no idea what goes through her head after creating one as she suffers from amnesia of the event.

Known Types

  • Galvanic Bracelets
    • Galvanic bracelets the "true" bracelet, and are created by Galvani, or a similarly mad scientist, after becoming properly "inspired". See below for further elaboration.
    • Traits:
      • Long-lasting: Galvanic bracelets are items that last beyond arcs. They do not have a set time or usage limit, and are very important items in the long run.
      • Bio-Locked: These bracelets are restricted to a single human/Pokemon. Unlike an armband, they are not capable of being shared.
      • Glitchy: Because these bracelets are created in a whirlwind of Mad Scientist-level inspiration, they are buggy, and very, very weird. The glitch(es) for each bracelet are for the most part unique, and no two will have the exact same issues. One example is Galvani's first bracelet, which requires that she have skin-to-skin contact with Dune in order for it to activate. Another glitch might be that the user must be hit with a Water Gun for the device to work, or that it has to be plugged into a power outlet.
        • These glitches can theoretically be worked out, if enough time is given.
      • Limited: These bracelets very, very difficult and rare to make. As such, a petition must be approved of a character obtaining one.

!!Non-Galvanic Bracelets have been deemed unnecessary due to in-RP happenings. It is maintained for posterity, but is not considered part of the current discussion.!!

  • Non-Galvanic Bracelets
    • Non-Galvanic bracelets are a much more temporary kind of bracelet reproduced from Galvani's experience with her more permanent creations.
    • Traits:
      • Temporary: Each NG bracelet is made with a purpose in mind. That purpose can be anything from "sneak into an enemy facility, grab something important, and get out" to "fake being your trainer's parents for the night". Once this purpose has been fulfilled, the bracelet breaks/becomes inert/implodes/whatever. Also, if one is used in a manner that doesn't drive towards that purpose, it automatically deactivates as it takes this as a way of saying that the purpose doesn't need fulfilling.
      • Reliable: NG bracelets are surprisingly glitch-free. They are activated by a simple push of a button.
      • Craftable: These kinds of bracelets can be created on-demand. However, too many in quick succession can be tiring, and Galvani does not appreciate being used as a bracelet factory.

Mechanics for acquiring a Galvanic Bracelet

Due to their long-lasting nature, Galvanic bracelets shall be limited by petition. If the petition is made, consent MUST be given by enough RPers to be considered a "consensus". There are a few stipulations, however:

  • The character's development must be conductive to a bracelet. Galvani wanting to be human so she can be with Dune? Yes. Jacob bonding more with Regina after the latter has been purified? No.
  • The character's development should either climax at the creation of his/her bracelet, or be used as a major stepping stone.
  • Each petition will be taken on a case-by-case basis. However, declaring one's intentions of developing towards a bracelet and then following up on it would likely aid in the petitioning stage greatly.

Galvanic Bracelet Holders

  • Galvani
    • Glitch: Requires both an activation phrase ("I'm with you") and skin-to-skin contact with Dune to activate.
  • Ren
    • Glitch: Requires a large amount of flames (roughly on par of a sun-boosted Fire Blast) to be absorbed by the bracelet and an activation phrase ("Ignis intra").