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General Info

Species: Clefairy

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Obtained: Vien Forest, Almia

Ball: Poke

Birthday: Unknown

Nature: Unknown

Ability: Unknown


Mondo considers himself a "tough guy", he has a somewhat short temper and is quick to resort to a battle to prove it. Though he doesn't usually pick a fight unless the target "deserved" it or has "insulted" him in some way.

He dislikes being considered cute and being cuddled, mostly because he thinks it detracts from being tough.


  • Prior to his appearance in the RP, Mondo was kicked out of his former home for unspecified reason. Leading him to start travelling in search of either a new home or some way to convince them to let him come back.
  • First showed up in passing while Blitz was complaining about not having a source of moonlight while getting ready to train Kai in Pokeform, and provided a Moonblast for kicks before realizing Blitz had Lycanthropy.
  • Shortly thereafter, Mondo hatched a plan to temporarily kidnap Blitz to show the Clefairy back home, in hopes they would find that interesting enough to let him re-join the group. But that plan was thwarted when the Stormchaser took off for Oblivia and Blitz teleported back to Pueltown for unfinished business, unknowingly leaving Mondo stranded. Eventually Mondo ran into Jason, and after a trip to an ice cream parlor ended up joining Blitz's team.


To be announced


  • Thinks Blitz is a weird guy (and isn't above calling him that). But is putting up with being a member of the team until he can get back home, or so he claims.
  • Is Uta's cuddle buddy, on and off.

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