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Verax in the YMCA, by Audrey Greenhalgh.

Verax was a Cipher Commander during the Orre Arc. He ended up doing many bad things before, but then realized what he was doing and vowed to be better. He spies often for Tagg. He is also Jacob's twin brother and Sholto's cousin.


  • He and Jacob are twin brothers, though they were separated long ago.
  • He was in a relationship with Paula Jaide before she became Rose, which they ended up rekindling before ultimately breaking up again. Archer is their son in the Lillifuture.
  • Tokarev was his superior before he discarded Verax during the Orre Arc climax.
  • He and Tagg have nearly killed one another on several occasions, but after his Heel Face Turn, Tagg has used him as both a spy and battle partner.
  • His relationships with his mons not named Balthazar tend to be bad, with many of them only staying with him because of the Vow.
  • Lucius utterly despises him, which hasn't changed even after he joined the J-Team.
  • Verax was used to assassinate Leng by Tokarev, though it didn't manage to stick.

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