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Tokarev is a former Cipher Admin that was in charge of its Operations Division, and Tagg's most hated enemy.


Tokarev is a man of White Russian (As in the race, not Belorussian) analogue descent with black hair, with cold blue eyes. He tends to wear suits when not on duty, though when he is on mission he either wears an updated version of his old mercenary outfit or simply wears a bulletproof vest over his suit.


Tokarev is an incredibly ruthless individual, being willing to kill anyone if ordered to and/or paid enough. This, more than his skill as a trainer or as a gun wielding former mercenary, makes him extremely dangerous. Tokarev's view on problems can be best described as "A paycheck is harder to get rid of than a body", and is the kind of person who will indeed "Just Shoot Him". He mainly stayed with Cipher because they paid very well, but would leave them in a heartbeat if anyone offered a better deal. For this reason he also takes particular relish in eliminating any evidence of Cipher's actions to make his own getaway if said better deal comes up much easier. He views mons mainly as tools (Though like any good tool, he prefers to keep them in good condition), and tends to favor those with high Attack and Speed. All in all, he's mainly out for himself and will eliminate anyone who stands in his way.


Tokarev was born in the Pokéverse Russian analogue and spent some time in its military before leaving and becoming a mercenary, working for the highest bidder. Some of his actions included the murder of undesirables, acts of terrorism, and one instance where he managed to gather a team to interfere with international communications by tapping the [Pacific analogue] comm wire. This gained him the attention of Cipher, which had him join at first as a Peon, which was when he met Tagg in the Under, before rocketing through the ranks to Admin with his cadre of former mercenary squadmates.

Holon Arc

Tokarev and Tagg first met one another again n the RP proper shortly after Ammy's group returned from Ransei, having been dispatched to retrieve one of the last Cipher scientists to have escaped the J-Team raid on the Holon Cipher base. Following an exchange of words Tokarev invited Tagg and the rest of the J-Team to come fight Cipher in Orre before throwing down flashbangs and escaping via helicopter with the scientist.

Orre Arc

During the course of the Orre Arc, following Verax's failure to assassinate Tagg, Tokarev decided to try breaking him first to make an easier target. He managed to acquire a Shadowed Crewe and a mind-controlled Ever, and set them on Tagg in the same place in the Under where they first met in order to keep him off balance. When that didn't work, he decided to cut his losses rather than have Crewe and Ever die.

Upon their final meeting at Citadark Isle, Tokarev managed to get the upper hand on Tagg and while preparing to kill him noted that afterwards he would make sure to kill DS, Ever, Maggie (Implicitly), and Fool. The latter managed to enrage Tagg enough that he slashed out Tokarev's right eye with his Aura blade before slicing off his right limbs. Tokarev's life was only spared due to DS being left in a precarious position, and Tagg deciding to save her gave Tokarev and his mons the chance they needed to get away.

His whereabouts since remain unknown.


Tokarev has no Auric abilities, relying mainly on the skills he acquired during his time in the military. He is the superior of Tagg in a straight fight, and would've beaten him to death had he not gloated about planning on killing his friends afterwards.


  • Was the direct superior of Verax, Kyrie, and Mammor.
  • Tagg has desired revenge on Tokarev from the day they met and he tried to murder him as a witness to one of his killings. Tokarev for his part loves taunting him about being the only person who has ever escaped him.
  • While not quite to Tagg's level Crewe hates him as well for his treatment of her back when she was Shadowed.
  • Disliked Titan, and the feeling was mutual.




  • Tokarev is based on the main villain of the Modern Warfare sub-series of Call of Duty, Vladimir Makarov.

Tokarev's Team
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