The Contractors

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The Contractors are a subset of the J-Team that consists of those trainers and Pokémon who made a contract with the Velvet Room over the course of the Pokésona Arc, in order to gain the power to use Personas and Pokésonas.

Combat Members (In Arcana Order)


The Contractors
Combat Members (Arcana):Ren (I. The Magician) • SleepyHead (III. The Empress) • Silent (IV. The Emperor) • Mondo (V. The Hierophant) • Jacob (VII. The Chariot) • Lisa (IX. The Hermit) • Dune (XI. Strength)
Lane (XII. The Hanged Man) • Des (XIII. Death) • Verax (XIII. Death) • Deziree (XIV. Temperance) • Pentigan (XVI. The Tower) • Daydre (XVIII. The Moon) • Joseph (XIX. The Sun)
Navigators (Arcana): Lyuri (VII. The Chariot) • Mendel (XIX. The Sun)