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General Info

Species: Lucario

Gender: Male

Age: 45 years

Nature: Quirky

Ability: Inner Focus

Obtained: Outskirt Stand

Ball: Ultra Ball

Name Basis: Mr. Champloo from Disgaea 3

Hidden Power Form: Fire, blast of energy fired from his fists while punching

Basic History

Champloo was the long-time companion of a traveling chef who wandered the wide world in search of cuisine that could inflame the pallet of even the most jaded critic, as well as training the the way of Kitchen Kung Fu. They travel most of the known world before settling down in Phenac City and setting up a restaurant called "The Traveler's Cantina". The establishment, however, had run into hard times, and the two went their separate ways: The chef had a duty to keep the kitchen alive, and Champloo had a burning desire to aid the next generation. He found his new trainer when Dune made a trip to the Outskirt Stand, and he's been with him since.

Champloo is a very odd Lucario, insisting on wearing the armband and headband of his chosen style of Kitchen Kung Fu. He knows more than he let's on, and has, on occasion, displayed more power than one would expect of a simple Lucario.

Dune's Team
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Boxed: None
As last seen in: Entralink Arc