Sergey Smirnov

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Sergey: "Many thanks, both of you. Then let us brave this storm - together."
--RP, page 19566
Name: Sergey Smirnov
Nickname: Zaku (by friends who know of his models)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pan
Age: 22
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Ethnicity: -
Birthday: November 9, 1994
Home: Oldale Town, Hoenn
Pokéform: none
Starter: Magnus and Mireille

Sergey Smirnov

Sergey Smirnov is the Player Character of SergeySmirnov


Short, brown hair, normally casual in T-Shirt or pullover and Jeans with way to many bags with you-don't-know-what-things in them (most of them not really needed). SergeyChar.jpg


Sergey started his life like most others did, near Kindergarten he once found two Ralts and took them home, while not being old enough to be their official trainer they seemed to take a liking to him and just stayed at his house, with him and his parents looking after them. Apart from that he lived a normal live until he was eligible to get a Pokédex and embark on his journey. Of course as soon as he got the first Pokéballs the first thing he did was to use them on both the Ralts (one of them having evolved into a Kirlia by that time) without any problems, after that he first traveled to Fortree City on his way on Route 118 he found a badly bruised Tropius seemingly beaten by a much stronger foe with no apparent reason to it, getting slightly panicked he send Mireille in and had her use Heal Pulse, after realising that while it indeed took effect it wasn't enough he quickly made his decision, took one of his remaining balls and hurled it at the injured Tropius. It was caught and he hurried into Fortree City's Pokémoncenter. Since then he further traveled Hoenn, trying to strengthen the bond between him and his Pokémon. As such he considers him and his Pokémon as equals, trusting in them the same way they came to trust him. A hobby of his is to build mecha models (do not ask him where he stores his models on his travels, you will get no answer anyway). His dream is to once go into space, as such he has quite often visited the Mossdeep Space Center even before he became a trainer.

Notable RP Events


He deeply cares for his Pokémon and will not start or willingly accept fights from which he knows he has no chance of winning. When he does fight though he will hold nothing back. Regardless of the situation though he is not ashamed to admit defeat to save his Pokémon from further harm. Normally he will try everything in his power to ensure a fair fight, although when confronted with unfair methods he is certainly not ashamed to use them against his opponent (provided that this does not involve unneeded injuries for either sides Pokémon).




  • He's friends with Fletcha since their time back in Oldale town before they started their respective journeys
  • He likes Hajime since he helped him a great deal.
  • He met Tori one or two times
  • He met Blitz and knows of his Weremon status, though has promised not to tell anyone.
  • He's in a romantic relationship with Phaz
  • Has met Julius

Important Items

  • HM Rest
  • Jirachi plush (with a small pocket in the belly)
  • Blue dress
  • Merchandise from race
  • Figurine depicting him along with Magnus and the statue of Alyesha from his 1st contest
  • Z-Ring
    • Normalium-Z
    • Fightinium-Z
    • Rockinium-Z


  • Charactersong: Kein Weg zu Weit
  • Favorite Series: Apart from most Mecha shows that would be CHiPs
  • Afraid of the dark the things in the dark
  • Speech color: Blue

Sergey's Team
On Hand : Magnus475Mini.png*Mireille282Mini.pngMistral357Mini.pngAicha303Mini.pngLoran524Mini.png
As last seen in: Alola