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Sergey: "Why do I sometimes feel like you treat me like your little brother?"
Mireille: ~Because I do?~
Sergey: "Yeah, that seems about right."
--RP, page 19311


Mireille is Sergey's female Gardevoir, and the first Pokémon he caught (along with Magnus).


As a whole Mireille isn't to fond of fighting and while she certainly does so when needed she will never start a fight of her own without sufficient reason - but being a little overprotective by nature it sure can happen that if Sergey or anyone that she sees as her friend is attacked she will even come out of her ball to attack anything and anyone involved in the attack if needed. In her free-time she can be seen counseling Mistral. Other than that she does very much enjoy to stare in the night-sky, gazing at the stars. A habit that she shares with Sergey.

Known Techniques

  • Ability: Trace
  • Attacks:
    • TypeFairy.gif Dazzling Gleam, Disarming Voice, Draining Kiss
    • TypeNormal.gif Heal Bell
    • TypePsychic.gif Heal Pulse, Psychic, Telekinesis


  • She respects Sergey, since they more or less grew up together, also both enjoy lying on the ground at night watching the stars.
  • She is friends with Magnus since the time they both were still Ralts.
  • She mostly counsels Mistral, trying to comfort her after what she lived through.
  • Unlike Magnus, Mireille mostly manages to avoid the pranks from Aicha.


  • Archetype: Cool Big Sister/Team Mom
  • Charactersong: Russel Watson - Faith of the Heart
  • Favourite series: M*A*S*H
  • Like Magnus she mostly likes sweet food, although sometimes he enjoys eating stuff that is really spicy (due to that she once totally screwed one of Aicha's attempts to prank her - she may or may not knew of that prank beforehand)
  • Speech color: Green
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