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Mistral is Sergey's female Tropius.


Seemingly having been traumatised by the utter beat-down she received before she got to Sergey she never fights without being commanded to do so, and even then you can clearly see that she does feel uncomfortable doing so and holding back some of her powers so as to not injure any Pokémon beyond reason. Her unwillingness to fight - and probably her fruits are the main reasons why she is seemingly the only one never being pranked by Aicha. And while she seems to dislike both Magnus' and Aicha's eagerness to fight she never seems to openly voice this.

Known Techniques

  • Ability: Harvest

Notable RP Events


  • She trusts Sergey, both as her trainer and a human, which for her is currently as much as it gets.
  • Since she still is afraid from fights she tries to avoid Magnus (who's fondness for fights is quite baffling to her).
  • She is friends with Mireille, with her trying to counsel and comfort her often, through this she learned to trust Sergey.
  • Due to her past and her fruits she never once was pranked by Aicha (which is saying a lot, considering Mawile). While she's not sure why Aicha is so fond of fighting (when she does actually fight that is) she mostly enjoys being around the Mawile.


  • Archetype The Woobie
  • Charactersong: Hatsune Miku - PROMISE
  • Favourite Series: None
  • Likes Sweet-Dry food but in the end would eat most things without complaining
  • Speech color: Teal
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