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Ammon: <Wow... How many of those [Touga] berries did you put in [Sergey's] drink?>
Aicha: <Erm... 7... maybe...>
Ammon: -Sweatdrops- <That's kind of a lot...>
--RP, page 19028


Aicha is Sergey's female Mawile


A little mischievous by nature Aicha can almost be relied on to pull some pranks to those around her, but she knows when to stop and as such never went to far with that. Other than that she very much enjoys eating (mostly Mistral's fruits), lying on the ground daydreaming and in general is a very nice and friendly companion to have around. In battle she is completely different though, so much so that some believe that Sergey actually owns two Mawiles, while she retains her habit to play pranks (in this case mostly to the enemy - the keyword being mostly) those 'pranks' are far more aggressive than normally and quite frequently involve her second mouth. She will not stop attacking until the enemy has stopped moving or Sergey calls her back. But no matter how relentless she assaults the enemy she still does respect Sergey's attitude of not hurting other Pokémon more than necessary and finishes enemies off accordingly.

Known Techniques

  • Ability: Hyper Cutter
  • Attacks:
    • TypeDark.gif Crunch
    • TypeDark.gif Feint Attack
    • TypeFire.gif Flamethrower
    • TypeFairy.gif Play Rough
    • TypeNormal.gif Protect


She once ran away because she didn't like how Sergey always apologized for her.


  • She quite likes Sergey and is thankful that he took her with him despite her pranking him right from the start - not that it would keep her from pranking him even more.
  • She often pranks Magnus, especially since he almost always falls for it.
  • While Mireille mostly avoids her pranks this only serves to motivate her even further to successfully prank her.
  • Since she quite likes Mistral's fruits and does realize how she feels about fights she never once pranked the Tropius, which considering her says quite a lot.


  • Archetype: The Prankster
  • Charactersong: Lights out Dancing - Broken Compass
  • Favourite series: RWBY - Yes, there are parallels with Nora
  • Totally likes Sweet Food
  • Speech color: Gold
Sergey's Team
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