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Name: Fletcha
Nickname: Fletcha
Gender: Male
Sexuality: -
Age: 20
Height: {{{height}}}
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birthday: April 12th
Trainer ID: -
Home: Oldale Town, Hoenn
Pokéform: Talonflame
Starter: Brandon



Tall (6'3"), lean, and lanky. Average length blonde hair, definitely not muscular and/or strong. Likes wearing t-shirts, shorts, and sneakers, but will change into other casual clothes depending on the temperature. Has a backpack in which he keeps all of his items and pokeballs. He has a smartphone.


Fletcha is friendly, has a good sense of humor, likes to crack jokes, and tries to see the best in people/pokemon. He is also fairly introverted, can sometimes be a bit lacking in self confidence,and be a bit socially awkward around strangers. In part because of this he is mostly un-confrontational and has a habit of apologizing for trivial mistakes. However, he is much more outgoing and confident among close friends He is more of a follower than a leader, except with things he is passionate about. He generally tries to talk things out before battling in dangerous, but isn't afraid to defend himself and/or his friends once a battle starts. Can be a bit naive at times. In arguments he tries to state his viewpoint, but he respects other people/pokemon's points of view. Also has somewhat of a hard time explaining things quickly. He can be very competitive, and during battles he tries to think and act strategically most of the time, but he occasionally tries to be spontaneous and unpredictable. A little bit afraid of heights.


Both of Fletcha's parents are pokemon trainers who already went on their own journeys when they were Fletcha's age, but have since settled down and have average jobs. They have taught Fletcha what they know about being a pokemon trainer and battes while he was growing up, so that he would be well prepared when he starts his own journey Also, They each acquired a fair amount of pokemon on their respective journeys, which in turn means that Fletcha has had a lot of exposure to pokemon while growing up. Fletcha has a few close friends as he has grown up, but otherwise isn't that social. Fletcha himself has recently begun his journey to collect badges, and looks forward to the upcoming adventures that his journey will bring. His parents as trainers both were able to get as far as facing the elite 4.

Fletcha's Team



Has met at least half of the current J-Team at least in passing, with varying degrees of familiarity. Gets along well at varying degrees with everyone, doesn't dislike anyone.

  • Sees Blitz as a fairly close friend, and looks up to him for originally helping him understand Monese and being someone he can talk to about Pokeform stuff.
  • Sees Crow as a close friend, and looks up to him for enabling Fletcha to train in his Pokeform for an extended period of time.
  • Sees Jack as a close friend, and somewhat of a rival since they both come from rather uneventful backgrounds and joined the J-Team at a similar time.
  • Sees Sundancer/Lisa as a fairly close friend, looks up to her for teaching him how to fly, and wants to prove to her that he can be a decent bird.

Items and TMs

  • Really old coin thing given to him by someone named Cosmic Charlie
  • TMs and HMs owned
    • TypeNormal.gif Protect, Retaliate, Strength, Cut, Flash
    • TypeFighting.gif Rock Smash
    • TypeFlying.gif Aerial Ace, Roost, Fly
    • TypePoison.gif Toxic, Sludge Bomb
    • TypeGround.gif Earthquake
    • TypeRock.gif Rock Slide
    • TypeFire.gif Will 'o 'Wisp
    • TypeWater.gif Surf, Waterfall, Dive
    • TypeElectric.gif Thunderbolt
    • TypeIce.gif Blizzard
    • TypeDark.gif Dark Pulse, Taunt


  • Helped rescue Ilya from Odin and Neo Flare
  • Helped rescue Mew Prime from Sird


  • Is left handed

Fletcha's Team
On Hand : Brandon706Mini.pngGeorge324Mini.pngSkarlet227Mini.pngJem302Mini.pngKronk131Mini.pngBob280Mini.png
As last seen in: Hoenn 2