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So... I think some general information won't hurt, currently I'm studying in the TU Darmstadt and hope to get my Bachelor in a few Semesters, after that I'll try to get into the European Space Agency or in some Video Game Company.


Well... lets just make a short rundown of my hobbies, feel free to read if you're interested, feel also free to skip if not.

  • Collecting:
    • Gunpla: Oh yes so much yes, if I had to chose one thing I could do it would be Gunpla. That is my dearest hobby and I'm quite proud, if a bit overprotective of my Gunpla.
    • WWII Models: Tanks, warships, airplanes you name it, later when my time permits I might build my own scale models but now I just don't have the time (or the money for that matter) to do that properly.
  • Forum RPing: Well... obvioulsy XD I won't really say anthing to that as its pretty self explanatory.
  • LARP: Ah, nothing like putting on your Full Plate Armor and spar a bit with friends.
  • Gaming: Yeah... probably a bit too much I fully admit that
  • Writing: Currently I'm a little author in the making, if you're really interested I could share a bit though I'm afraid currently its nothing to speak of and I think I'll need to write large parts of my book again to get the writing style standartized - 5 years of writing do change your style and I'm afraid the early parts aren't really that good so... yeah.
  • Programming: Yeah I'm making a small game, actually its on the server here, if you want to help me with that feel free to PM me on Pidgin or TVT.
  • Cooking: Might sound a bit clichée but seeing folks eat my stuff and smile makes me happy to... strike that 'Might', that sounds clichée period.

Rage Buttons

Honestly, I feel they're pretty straightforward but nontheless I'll write up here, just in case.

  • Making the equation German == Nazi (See pretty straightforward, I'm German, I hate those Nazis so someone who assumes this is kinda on my hate list)
  • Censoring... technically all of it but especially in Videogames - Oh boy here we have the real big subject, I hate censoring, pretty hard actually... sooo just stay clear of it.
  • Aaand... that's pretty much it I think... Yeah so as I said, pretty straightforward.


  • Came to the RP on October the 29th 2015

Comments and opinions about me

Feel free to say anything here, though please don't write insults and stuff here.

  • Nothing right now