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Des's Arcanine. He was originally a Growlithe in an underground battle league in Goldenrod until Des saved both him and Cera.


Name: Sparkers

Species: Arcanine

Nature: Brave

Ability: Flash Fire

Met: Goldenrod (Underground)

Ball: Beat up pokeball

Favourite Move: Outrage

Name Basis: A portmanteau of Sparks and Barker.

Hasselmon Handle: trustingCanis (formerly untrustingCanis)


Often described with matted fur and a clipped ear. He gains some scars across his body after an explosion. He also began to wear Des's trench coat.


Starting out he acted very much like a puppy would (even when he evolved!). He was very immature and energetic. Initially he didn't trust Des seeing him as just another criminal. But over time a bond developed between the pair and they became the closest of friends.

During Orre Arc his personality went through a sudden and radical change likely because of his trainer's death. He donned Des's jacket and became hard and sour, but not without a bit of tenderness to him.

Battle Strategy: Charge Dog

Despite his species capability to use ranged attacks effectively he almost exclusively uses physical moves. He likes to rush the opponent head on and overwhelm them with his strength and speed.

  • TypeFire.gif-Flare Blitz, Flamethrower, Heat Wave
  • TypeDragon.gif-Outrage
  • TypeElectric.gif-Wild Charge
  • TypeFighting.gif-Close Combat
  • TypeGround.gif-Bulldoze

Battle Record



  • Vs. Paula's Heatran: Draw (with Tesse)
  • vs. Kyrie: Win (with Ren)
  • Vs. Kyrie (part II): Draw
Des's Team
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