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A Ludicolo on Des's team. The second Pokemon he caught in Hoenn.


Name: Saltatio

Species: Ludicolo

Nature: Modest

Ability: Swift Swim

Met: Somewhere in Hoenn (as a Lotad)

Favorite Move: Hydro Pump

Name Basis: Latin for "Dance".

Hasselmon Handle: crazyLegatio


Just a regular Ludicolo.


Saltatio is very agreable, though a bit lazy. He acts as the voice of reason and will often speak on Des's behalf when communicating with other Pokemon. Des will sometimes call him "Ambassador Pineapple" because of this. There are two known things that seem to motivate Saltatio: food and adventure.

Battle Style: Gunpappa

Saltatio opts for an all-out offensive strategem, confronting problems head on. He uses a variety of "beamspam" attacks to take out opponents such as Hydro Pump and Ice Beam. Additionally he has acces to Nature Power allowing him to manipulate the enviroment in battle.

Known Moves

  • TypeWater.gif-Hydro Pump
  • TypeGrass.gif-Giga Drain
  • TypeIce.gif-Ice Beam
  • TypeNormal.gif-Nature Power, Teeter Dance, Protect

Des's Team
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Given Away/Daycare: Perennial 182Mini.png
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As last seen in: Re: Glitch