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A Breloom on Des's team. The first Pokemon he caught in Hoenn.


Name: Poncho

Species: Breloom

Nature: Brave

Ability: Poison Heal

Met: Somewhere in Hoenn (as a Shroomish)

Ball: Pokeball

Favourite Move: Focus Punch

Name Basis: A corruption of Pancho Villa; also the Mexican garb.

Hasselmon Handle: viculusFunguy


Looks like any other Breloom, but he'll sometimes wear a monocle.


Viscious on the battlefield but composed when off it, Poncho acts like a well cultured boxer. He's rather Roosevelt-esque. There are two things he loves more than anything in the world: discussing topics of an academic persuasion, and punching 'mons in the face. He demonstrates a complete trust and loyalty towards Des and will follow any order given to him.

Battle Style: Below Beltline Boxer

In spite of his gentlemanly demeanor Poncho is not above fighting dirty. He likes to immobilize his opponents and leave them helpless so he can wail on them to no end with Focus Punch. Spore can put his targets to sleep while Low Kick can make even the biggest foes topple.

Known Moves

  • TypeGrass.gif-Seed Bomb, Spore
  • TypeFighting.gif-Focus Punch, Low Kick, Low Sweep, Superpower, Mach Punch
  • TypeNormal.gif-Substitute
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