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Pele is Sam's Darmanitan.


Age: Over 200 years

Gender: Male

Ability: Zen Mode

Nature: Calm

Known Moves: Flare Blitz, Hammer Arm, Belly Drum, Rest


Pele is relatively Calm and collected for a Darmanitan, but it might be because of his Zen Mode ability. He likes Sam and has yet to meet the team but is well mannered and a loyal friend.

Achievements and Events

-Fought against Burgh in Castelia City, was recalled atfer a match and a half

-Fought against Elesa in Nimbassa City, Fainted after taking down her Zebstrika

Sam's Team
On Hand : Grace124Mini.pngDelta416Mini.pngEdward149Mini.pngEneru125Mini.pngKion232Mini.pngLeo560Mini.png
Boxed : Pele555Mini.pngOz426Mini.png Leviathan130Mini.pngJewel133Mini.pngAlejandro128Mini.pngKimmy142Mini.png
As last seen in: Pyrite Town, Orre