Delta (Sam)

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Delta is Sam's Vespiquen.


Age: 1 year

Gender: Female

Ability: Unnerve

Nature: Sassy

Known Moves: X-Scissor, Power Gem, Silver Wind, Aerial Ace, Attack Order


Delta is a royal pain to anyone who gets in her way. With a short temper and a potty mouth, she's a challenge to deal with on and off the battle field. She recently formed a rocky truce with Sam, but only time will tell if this lasts or not.

Achievements and Notable Events

-Took over Unity Island with a swarm of Combee

-Fought Burgh in Castelia City, won the last two matches

-Fought Clay in Driftveil City, fainted after taking out Krokorok

-Fought Marlon in Humilau City. fought against Jordan for a while before being recalled.

-Fought against Mammor before being recalled due to an exploding Electrode.

Sam's Team
On Hand : Grace124Mini.pngDelta416Mini.pngEdward149Mini.pngEneru125Mini.pngKion232Mini.pngLeo560Mini.png
Boxed : Pele555Mini.pngOz426Mini.png Leviathan130Mini.pngJewel133Mini.pngAlejandro128Mini.pngKimmy142Mini.png
As last seen in: Pyrite Town, Orre