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Eneru is Sam's Electabuzz.


Age: 3 months

Gender: Male

Ability: Static

Nature: Rash

Known Moves: Brick Break, Thunder Punch, Thunder Wave, Work Up


Eneru is one of the more energetic members of Sam's team, always up for exploration or a fight. He will stand by his team till the bitter end, even if he's too tough to show it.

Achievements and Events

-Evolved from Elekid to Electabuzz on Route 4, Unova

-Fought Marlon in Humilau City. Beat Jordan and Jellicent, winning the match.

Sam's Team
On Hand : Grace124Mini.pngDelta416Mini.pngEdward149Mini.pngEneru125Mini.pngKion232Mini.pngLeo560Mini.png
Boxed : Pele555Mini.pngOz426Mini.png Leviathan130Mini.pngJewel133Mini.pngAlejandro128Mini.pngKimmy142Mini.png
As last seen in: Pyrite Town, Orre