Abilene Macraul

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Name: Abilene Macraul
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Age: 22
Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Ethnicity: White
Birthday: July 23, 1999
Trainer ID: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Home: Macraul Manor, Lumiose, Kalos
Pokéform: Cacnea
Starter: Castanea

Abilene is a player character of Asterisk395 who also happens to masquerade as the supervillain Rosemaster.



Abilene Macraul has back-length, bushy green hair. Her preferred aesthetic is stark and intimidatingly stylish--near monochrome with hints or shades of green, suits and dark glasses even in more casual settings.

Left to her own devices she defaults to comfortable gardening wear, sleeve tattoos of leafy vines visible on her arms. It's a rare individual who sees her like this, however.

She carries with her as a matter of course her white cane and her service Natu, Lanatus, who resembles an oversized Watmel more than any avian.

Rosemaster 🌹

As Rosemaster, her garb is dramatic and flowery. It is themed loosely off of her Roserade, Rosa, and features frills in black and purple aplenty. Accents in green and gold highlight the stark white of most of her costume--vine-embroidered opera gloves, thigh-high boots, the classic bodice--and her elegant masquerade mask with glowing LEDs set where pupils would be. Much as in actual Roserade, her hair is done up in such a way that it's unclear if it's hair or headpiece, in colors suiting the rest of her costume.


Abilene projects a cold hauteur, responding to most things with harsh dismissiveness or, rarely, begrudging respect. Most first impressions would describe her as "unflappable", "forceful", or "intimidating"--and certainly the results of her training produce Pokémon to match her personality.

Among her relatives, she has established a reputation as a reliable, if eccentric, procurer of goods. A fearsome battler, who does not suffer fools so much as fools suffer her--woe be to they who distract her from her work or her collection. She can be petitioned for favors, the cost of which she exacts with tyrannical precision--a good Macraul, and a credit to the name she chose in ways her father was not.

Lesser-known--among most save her younger cousins, perhaps--is the warmth behind her edifice. That there is any, in fact--but she extends a protective hand toward virtually anyone who crosses her path, warming somewhere deep inside at the first inkling of kinship.

Flustered, she turns red and splutters--smiles softly when she thinks no one will see. Logan, who she will deny all acquaintanceship with if asked, calls her a 'tsundere'.

Her plants are very well-cared-for.


She is a scion of the Macrauls. What else is there to say?

Her yearlong absence has not diminished her reputation in the slightest.

Pokémon Collection

  • Castanea (Chesnaught)
  • Sorbus (Torterra)
  • Rosa (shiny, vampiric Roserade (no chlorophyll) )
  • Sapinda (Tropius)
  • Lanatus (Grass/Psychic Natu, resembles a sapient Watmel)
  • Botanica (a Dhelmise driving a car--her monster)
  • various others


  • An experienced botanist and horticulturalist, both for Grass-type Pokémon and mundane plants.
  • Somewhere, has learned or developed how to cultivate plants that ordinarily grow only within or near dimensional instability--Seeds and Wands among then.
  • An effective--if blunt--battler, and a cultivator of Pokémon.
  • A minor talent in Dark Obscura, of a physicsl variety--possesses insufficient Aura to form a construct without emotion or herbs as fuel, but has honed several forms as a last-ditch recourse:
    • Feint Attack: Her preferred use, allows her to aim a gun or Wand at any target she knows exists.
    • Sucker Punch: As the above but less so
    • Thief: Yeah
    • Night Slash: Her costliest construct, usable only in extremis. Prefers scythes.


  • Defeated the Kalos League
  • Cornered Lumiose's farmer's markets and cultivated a terrible demand for the high-grade luxury items produced from her collection.
  • Grows some very nice weed.
  • Secured some unspecified means of extracting Aura and infusing it in Herbal Medicine. Sells it artisanally-blended to the highest bidder.
    • ...and offers non-homeopathic variants covertly to vampires sworn to secrecy.
  • Fought to the semifinals of the Galar League as challenger 420

Notable Possessions

  • A modest collection of various rare and valuable plants
  • An unspecified quantity of highest-grade birdseed
  • An adamantium bone spade
  • A long cane of white wood, grown from a Mystery Dungeon's Guide Wand
  • A perpetual sunlight emitter?
  • A composting room, somewhere deep in Macraul manor
  • A greenhouse, in Kalos's urban sprawl
  • An Exploration Team badge, chipped
  • A Key Stone (shared, not currently in her possession)
  • An assortment of Moves harvested from her Pokémon, for their use and her posturing;
    • Bullet Seed (in human hands, a functional wooden pistol)
    • Seed Bomb
    • Wood Hammer (a mallet, including among its forms a jackhammer in a Pokémon's grip)
    • Leaf Blade (a sharp wooden knife, or delicate razor-edged leaf)
    • Razor Leaf
    • Vine Whip
    • Grass Whistle (a leaf)
    • Spiky Shield
    • Needle Arm
  • A strange, wooden flute
  • A case of well-loved Apricorn crafter's tools
  • Blackglasses
  • Hardy, homegrown estrogen plants
  • A supervillain's outfit


  • She has two brothers, Henri and Darrin Macraul--Bug and Poison specialists, respectively. They squabble, as siblings do.
  • She is fond of Gaspard Macraul, and openly dismissive of Louis Macraul, whom she texts from time to time.
  • She denies being friends with Kai Amarin, citing them as a client for something other than a vampire-killing stake, such as the homebrew Auric supplement she sold to them at no discount, definitely.
  • She denies being friends with Ever Memito, particularly for what they did to poor Nathaniel's collection. She will get one up on them, she swears.
  • She denies being friends with Tagg, or even knowing him for that matter. There were no witnesses to their meeting, so it never happened.
  • She openly loathes Alice O'Sullivan, but like platonically.
    • She will platonically insult her on request, and refuse to divulge any aspect of their meeting.
  • She categorically denies being friends with Logan Shockley-Voltaire, whom publically vanished and reappeared at the same times as her, one year apart. Grass-types seen with them are unrelated, and possibly plagiarized. (Cloning??) Refers to their aesthetic sense as "painful, even without functioning eyes".
  • She denies being friends with Hiro Alíthea, stating to family members he is "not worth their time". Gets drinks sometimes.
  • She denies being friends with Megan Nguyen, whom she kissed on the lips on Galarian national television in their championship match.


  • She is one of a set of identical triplets.
  • She is transgender.
  • Each of her Pokémon is contained in an Apricorn Ball she crafted by hand.
  • She runs a vaguely horrific Lumiose-spanning informal competition in which various botany enthusiasts and also her brothers try to beat up her couriers and each other to take her deliveries, as a distraction from work she deems more important.
  • She is clinically blind, and uses various Natu as seeing-eye Pokémon.
    • (She suffers from unusually early-onset LHON, and wears her Blackglasses largely as part of her aesthetic sensibilities. Her brothers, sharing her genome, prepare for similar.)
  • What affection she and the majority of her family show is largely expressed by the throwing of money.
  • She and her brothers are orphans.