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The J-Team TV Show Fantasy Reboot is the reboot DS is making to replace the J-Team TV Show.


DS reimagined her friends and their adventures into a fantasy setting, partially due to feeling it'd make certain elements less noticable and partially just because she felt like writing a fantasy story.

Important Magical Artifacts

There are five magical orbs, hidden within five different kingdoms. It is the duty of the royalty to guard those magical artifacts.

  • One orb is hidden in the forest, guarded by Queen Lyuri and Princess Sakura. It's exact purpose is yet to be decided at the time of writing. It may later give Duke the Lucario, one of their royal guards, a human form.
  • Another orb is hidden in a castle made of ice in the ice lands, and is guarded by Prince Wolf. It's exact purpose has yet to be decided, but it may involve keeping the weather stable so there's not a huge blizzard every day or something.
  • The third one is hidden on a floating island and is guarded by Queen Diane. It powers the magical amulets that allow the people of the island to transform into bird Pokémon.
  • A fourth one is hidden underwater, guarded by Princess/Queen Arika, and similarly to the orb on the floating island, this orb powers the magical charms used by the mer-people to take on human form.
  • And the fifth is hidden in a volcano, guarded by Queen/Princess Sierra. It keeps the volcano under control, and DS was likely inspired by the events of Orre when she came up with the purpose of this one.

In addition to these orbs, there are also three magic scrolls that contain ancient powerful magic, and are essentially the replacements for the Adamant, Lustrous and Griseous Orbs in this universe. The three scrolls used to be kept in a temple, until someone (implied to be this show's version of Cyrus) tried to steal them, only be stopped by Lady DS. Lady DS is currently guarding the scrolls at the beginning of the series, but she later entrusts one of them to Tagg the wizard, to help him on his quest.

Geography of the Setting

The following details are known abotu the world's geography

  • Lyuri's Forest Kingdom is close-ish to Wolf's Ice Kingdom
  • Wolf's Forest Kingdom is close-ish to Diane's Floating Island Kingdom
  • Diane's Floating Island Kingdom is close-ish to Arika's Underwater Kingdom
  • Arika's Underwater Kingdom is close-ish to Wolf's Volcano Kingdom
  • There are a few plains, villages, and such either not a part of or not near the capitols of these kingdoms

The characters

The main cast initially consists of Tagg, Herbert, Lillith and Ammy, but later in the series they are joined by Crewe. After a while it may get mixed up a bit with characters travelling by themselves or with other characters and getting involved in stuff.

Tagg the wizard

DS found it only natural to make Tagg one of the main characters, and reimagined him as a wizard with a Swampert familiar. His powers are similar to that of the aura powers of the real Tagg, with a few additional spells such as a few healing spells. He later gains access to time manipulation magic after being entrusted one of the three magical scrolls guarded by Lady DS.

Herbert the wizard

Herbert starts out as an inexperienced wizard, but gradually improves over the course of the story. Also, here, his father's goals is to get rid of all magic, despite being a sorcerer himself. Naturally, Herbert isn't okay with that.

Ammy the Sun Fairy

A fairy with Volcarona-like wings in fairy form, and who can take on human form. She has powers over light and warmth, and apparently lives in the fire lands. She is also said to be friends with Umbra, but it is implied that there's something more between them.

Lillith the human

An adventurer who seeks love and adventure. Is the only one of the initial main group without any magical powers whatsoever and thus can't communicate with Pokémon either, at least to begin with.

Crewe the Were-Sneasel

Yup, she's still a were-sneasel in this one, except here her powers came from falling into a magical pool of water during the night of a full moon, and she became aware of her power sooner than she did in the real world. She also met DS sooner in this world, and may even have been present when DS saved the magic scrolls. When Tagg and the others come along, she decides to join them on their journey, wanting to see more of the world. She has powers over darkness and ice in both forms, but the latter is limited in her human form.

Psyche the witch

A girl born with a strong sixth sense and magical powers, but who ended up running away from home when her father refused to let her train to realize her potential. However, while travelling in search of someone who would teach her, she had an encounter with a sound absorbing magical beast, and literally ended up having her voice stolen. She later came across some Gothitelle who taught her to communicate via telepathy, so she had a means of communicating until she could reclaim her voice. Her role in the show appears to be that of that one mysterious ally whose preferred method of helping is giving cryptic advice. She mainly interacts with her cousin Herbert, at least to begin with.

Her look is closer to the real Psyche's original appearance, since black hair probably works better when going with the whole mysterious ally angle. This version of Psyche never damaged her leg, nor does she seem to have a fear of Scrafty. She still has a terrible sense of direction at times, though. Also, she has teleportation magic.

Queen Lyuri

The queen of a hidden kingdom in the forest, and older sister to Princess Sakura. Has magical powers similarly to those of Tagg and Herbert. She and Sakura share the responsibilty of guarding one of the magic orbs, and their royal guards consists mainly of Pokémon owned by their real world counterparts.

Princess Sakura

Is Lyuri's younger sister, and has powerful healing magic, likely having more powerful and advanced healing powers than most other characters in the show. Since her magic is focused mostly on healing, she usually stays and looks after characters rather than go on many adventures.

Umbra, the Magical Knight

Possesses a certain kind of dark magic similar to that posesses by ghost types, and uses a magical sword as his weapon. Accidentally unleashed an evil version of himself shortly before the start of the series, but with the help of the main characters was able to re-absorb the evil version and set things right. Also has Styx and Lumos accompanying him, the former being his sister who was given an emergency transformation at one point to save her life. May also have Penumbra as sort of a super mode, but can only use it when given a temporary power boost from an external source.

Lady DS

Ah, we had to get to the character she based on herself eventually. Basically, she was a girl from the village in the ice lands who possesses magical powers, having powers similar to that of the Dimensional Scream, except she can do it at will. She also seems to have memory based powers or some sort. After saving and becoming the guardian of the magic scrolls, she has since moved into the ice castle after being arranged to marry Prince Wolf. She also seems to think of Crewe as a younger sister.

Prince Wolf

Protects one of the magic orbs, probably fights using a sword.

Royal Mage Pianis

An ice mage who works for Prince Wolf.

Princess Katie

Wolf's younger sister.

Elise, member of the royal guard of the ice castle

One of the royal guards. May or may not have ice magic.

Forte the archer

A young archer who seems to get along well with Eeveelutions, although he is the only one out of his siblings who doesn't have magical powers. His archery skill makes up for it, and sometimes his Eeveelution friends help by infusing his arrows with some of their power.

Mezzo the witch

Okay, how could DS not make her a witch, even if not making her one would've been funny too? Anyways, her specialty is dark magic, and her familiar is a certain Liepard.

Straw the human

Well, he's a regular guy, but has gained the ability to understand Pokémon before the start of the series. Gets together with Crewe, and seems to at times have improbable luck surviving situations most people probably wouldn't survive. May on separate occasions get turned into stone and have his soul stolen.

Lina the magic warrior

Her powers are similar to that of Umbra, but she uses them in different ways. Has also trained up an immunity to mind altering spells.

Diane, the queen of birds

The queen of the floating island, with the ability to transform into a Staraptor. Guards one of the magic orbs.

Skye of the royal guards

One of Diane's royal guards. In this world, her human form is her natural one and she is Eskay's twin sister. She can transform into a Skarmory.

Eskay of the royal guards

Another one of Diane's guards, with the ability to transform into a Noctowl.

Crow of the royal guards

Another one of Diane's guards, with the ability to transform into a Honchkrow. Can also imitate anyone's voice perfectly, and is able to summon a flock of Murkrow.

Maggie the Fairy

A fairy who works with Diane and the royal guard. Actually does get along with Crow okay enough, but finds him really strange.

Fortis of the floating island

A young girl with the ability to transform into a Swablu, although when we are first introduced to her, she has yet to figure out how to get her amulet to work. Is often seen in the company of what appears to be this world's version of Salamence the Altaria.

Arika the mermaid princess/queen

The mermaid who guards the magic orb hidden in the underwater kingdom. Her tail is blue.

Alyssa the mermaid

Another mermaid, who while shy towards others, has a very strong connection to the Pokémon of the sea, even compared to the other mermaids. Her tail is pink.

Fool the mermaid

A mermaid who is often travelling around on land in human form, exploring. On her travels, she has befriended a Simipour who travels with her and helps her get around the issue of it not being good for mermaids for whatever reason to be out of water for too long. Her tail is turquise.

Nico the psychic fairy

Another fairy. His exact role is yet to be decided, but he does get together with Maggie.

Sierra the ruler of the fire lands

The guardian of a magic orb, and a friend of Ammy.

Jenna the royal fire mage

Sierra's advisor and a user of fire magic. Whenever she and Pianis are in the same room for whatever reason, the two can never seem to agree on who has the better strategy to deal with whatever the situation at hand is.

Tangent the wizard

A wizard who is part of the secret wizard's guild Tagg is part of. He specializes in nature magic and has a Tropius familiar.

Silent the wizard

Another member of the secret wizard's guild, has a Nidorino familiar.

Tracer the wizard

Another member of the wizard's guild. Always has the hood on his robes partially covering his face and has a Druddigon as a familiar.

Edge the talking Bisharp

Since DS probably didn't know too much about Edge when she first wrote this character in, she'll probably be surprised to discover just how close to the truth she was. A warrior who was transformed into a Bisharp by the evil version of Umbra that was accidentally unleashed. Is looking for a way to undo the spell, and occasionally runs into the main characters.

Sylva the sea fairy

Okay, she's still a Phione, but they are in at least one continuity referred to as sea fairies, after all. Basically, she lives with the mermaids, and can temporarily grant people from the surface the ability to breathe underwater.

Des the ghost knight

Well, once DS has enough information about him to work with, he will likely end up as the ghost of a knight killed in battle, and will likely be someone's spirit advisor or something.

Jacob the swordsman

While his exact role is yet to be determined, there will likely at least be a scene where he mistakes the main characters for enemies and tries to fight them, but things are quickly cleared up as Regina informs him they're on the same side.

Vyvyan the container of a mysterious magic

After sightings of a glowing Rayquaza of light that fights stuff in the skies at night, Vyvyan seems to show up and is taken into the castle near the fire lands by Sierra. It is eventually discovered that the Rayquaza-like spirit is inside of Vyvyan, and since he can't control the magic contained within him, it usually comes out when he sleeps or is otherwise unconscious. He would likely learn to control it later on.

Vierr the wizard

A wizard capable of using both light and dark magic, but hasn't yet gotten to train much in either, and thus is not a very good wizard yet. And yes, a certain were-Sneasel will point this out in her usual way.

Dune the adventurer

A human adventurer with an interest in ancient artifacts and such.

Galvani/Deziree the alchemist

An energetic young woman who likes to experiment with magical potions, and sometimes joins Dune on adventures investigating old legends and such as his assistant. At least one of her early appearances may involve her accidentally turning herself into a Magnezone for an episode, but being back to normal in the next episode.

Joseph the fairy

Another fairy, exact role and what his powers are is yet to be decided.

Aline, the young artist with magical power

At some point after getting to know Aline, DS will include her in the story as a young girl with the ability to bring the things she draws to life.

Cebu, the Doppelganger

A sad creature who cannot help but take on the faces of those it finds in a desperate attempt to live as a human. A tragic minor villain.

Ren the bard

A wealthy merchant's son who disguises himself as a lowly bard.


  • Magical beings and those with magical powers can understand Pokémon from the start, while humans without any magical powers must gain the ability some way.
  • Most canon pairings will remain the same. Some are already together at the beginning of the series, while other relationships are only implied and it may not be clear whether they're together yet or not, and some haven't met yet and only get together later in the series.
  • There will be certain areas where magic will not work, if a character with some sort of shapeshifting ability enters such an area, they are forced to revert to whatever their natural form is in addition to not being able to use their powers until leaving the area.
  • Mermaids are capable of summoning nearby water types to their side using a form of telepathy.