Jeff's Lapras

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Species: Lapras

Gender: Male

Nature: ????

Ability: ????

Obtained: Caught at the Union Cave depth water on a Friday (event mon).

Name Basis: Species

Ideal VA: ????

General Description:

Coming soon

Bio: Lapras is obsessed with Friday, both the day of the week and the Rebecca Black song. Well, he was until bad stuff kept happening to him a lot on Fridays (that doesn't stop those who RC him from still using Friday gags :P). He loves music and hates bullies. Somewhat childish still, but maturing. Oh, he also still owes Spinda's Café for a tab he never got to pay off because of those damn shards.

Known moves: Sing, Ice Beam

Jeff's Team
On Hand : Unknown
PEFE : Marshtomp259Mini.pngSwellow277Mini.pngDodosuke085Mini.pngMightyena262Mini.pngLapras131Mini.png
Traded/Released : Elysia302Mini.png
Otherverse : Unknown
As last seen in: ?????