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Species: Sableye

Gender: Female

Birthday:16 April

Age: 1 year


Ability: Prankster

Obtained: As an egg in Umbra's birthday giveaway; hatched on Route 30

Name Basis: Elysium, a part of the Underworld in Greek mythology similar to Heaven


Ideal VA:

General Description:

Coming soon

Bio: Coming soon

Known moves: Calm Mind, Psychic, Recover

Jeff's Team
On Hand : Unknown
PEFE : Marshtomp259Mini.pngSwellow277Mini.pngDodosuke085Mini.pngMightyena262Mini.pngLapras131Mini.png
Traded/Released : Elysia302Mini.png
Otherverse : Unknown
As last seen in: ?????
Vierr's Team
On Hand : Elysia302Mini.pngJeannie308Mini.pngSnimm215Mini.pngBubblegum560BubblegumMini.pngHenry198Mini.pngKhoshekh677Mini.png
Boxed : Nightmare and Spirit234IllusionMini.png234IllusionMini.png
As last seen in: Entralink Arc