Nightmare and Spirit

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Nightmare and Spirit are a pair of Delta Stantler.

The Illusion Stantler duo in Mirage Forest, as depicted by mark331.


Nightmare is a completely grey, toneless Stantler, while Spirit is completely gray. Or perhaps Spirit is the grey one and Nightmare is the gray one. Point is, both have absolutely zero color on them.


Nightmare and Spirit reflect the entire Auric spectrum between them; Nightmare is TypePsychic.gifTypeDark.gif, while Spirit is TypeGhost.gifTypeFighting.gif. They both have Illusion as their abilities. In addition to merely disguising themselves with Obscura, they also create false Auric and Psychic signatures for themselves and each other, hiding them even from fellow Aurics and Psychics.

It is completely unknown what sort of attacks they know, as they never fight at all.


They seem to have taken some sort of fondness to Vierr. It's uncertain how exactly, because all their presence does is creep him out immensely.

Vierr's Team
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As last seen in: Entralink Arc