Mirage Forest

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Vierr traverses through the Mirage Forest, shadowed by Nightmare, Spirit, and Starkeeper. (Commission by mark331, can also be seen here)

The Mirage Forest is a large forest in the Holon region.


The forest takes up nearly all of the northern part of the region, leaving only a small piece of land between it and the coast. It surrounds Holon City, and is directly connected to Artree Town. The Mirage Marsh is located at the bottom of the western portion of the forest.

Characteristics and Lore

Mirage Forest is widely known by Holonians as the place where Mew was first sighted. It is also home to many types of Pokemon. Fossil Pokemon as well as fossils are common in the forest. This may be due to its connection to the Holon Ruins. A moss covered entrance to the ruins is located in the middle of the forest.

The Pokemon from Mirage Forest are special in that almost all of them have a strange purple aura visible around them. This has caused residents of Artree town to view them as phantoms. The Pokemon from the forest often enter the town at night, and terrorize the residents outside, causing them to stay indoors at night, much like the residents of Lacunosa Town.