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Artree Town is a town in the Holon region. It is located at the eastern side of the region, and is just outside Mirage Forest. Artree is a quiet, small town, but is well known throughout the region as "The Phantom Town" due to the large numbers of "phantom" Pokemon that emerge from the nearby Mirage Forest. The towns buildings give the appearance of being made from trees, but are actually modern building structure with a forest inspired style. Many Holon fieldworkers live here, where they study the phantom Pokemon, as well as the rare Mew sighting.


Artree was one of the first towns built after the non-scientific population arrived. However, within a few years, many of the residents began to claim seeing "phantom" Pokemon in the town at night. These Pokemon gave off strange auras, almost as if they were ghosts, and appear with a colored glow around them. These Pokemon are reportedly willing to attack those they find outside, resulting the the town urging people to stay indoors at night for safety. Despite the town's efforts, they have not been able to figure out why these Pokemon enter the town at night. No sightings of these Pokemon have been reported in the daytime.


Artree Town is located just outside Mirage Forest, and is connected to Ergon City and Coulombia City by land and sea, respectively. One can also get to Holon City by traveling through Mirage Forest, which contains a path underground into the labyrinth-like Holon Ruins.

Points of Interest

  • Mirage Forest