Ergon City

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Ergon City is a city in Holon. It is a large city, similar to Coulombia City, but not as large. It is home to the Ergon Racetrack, where mon racing happens. This is the main draw to the city. While on the surface the racetrack may seen wholesome, but rumors exist that the racetrack is run by the remnants of Team Rocket in a mafia-style way. A large farming community is also present in the City. The buildings of the city are mainly farmhouse styled, reflecting its farming origins. Many outsiders that come to the city liken it to a bigger Solaceon Town.


Ergon started out as a farming community, but soon a city sprang up around the farms. Despite being a city, it is more like an urban farming town. This is mostly due to the people wanting to blend the city life and farm life into one city. While one may think this causes issues, the rural and urban aspects rarely clash. Soon after the city was established, the Ergon Racetrack was built, drawing more tourism to the city.


Ergon City is located near Coulombia City and Artree Town. Ergon Field is just to the north of the city.

Points of Interest

  • Ergon Racetrack
  • Ergon Daycare
  • The Ergon Farmer's Market and Flea Market