Coulombia City

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Coulombia City is a city in the Holon region. It is second only to Holon City in size. Coulombia City is where much of the non-scientist population lives. The city is located at the start of the "tail" of the region, and as such has become a massive commercial center. Many international corporations like Silph Co. and Devon Corp. have branches here. Coulombia City is the closest thing the region has to a big, urban city similar to Saffron City or Castelia City.


When the non-scientific population emigrated to Holon, they mostly settled in the smaller towns at first. However, these soon got crowded, resulting in the building of two large cities, Ergon City and Coulombia City. This relieved the small towns of their overcrowding, and allowed those who preferred city life to move to a more familiar atmosphere. Throughout its life, many buildings similar to ones found in other regions were built, such as a large casino inspired by Orre's Realgam Tower and the game corners of Kanjoh and Hoenn.


Coulombia City is located at the top of Holon's "tail." It is also connected to Ergon City and Artree Town by land and sea, respectively. Holon Lake is also nearby. It is connected to Joulant Town by a small forest.

Points of Interest

  • Eon Casino, a casino inspired by Realgam Tower and the various game corners. Has Latias and Latios as its mascots, both colored as if they are Deltas. Has a small colosseum present as well. The building's architecture is inspired by two Latii heads being positioned vertically with the pointy sides facing the outside, and the bottom of their neck and heads touching. In the colosseum, people can battle in a tournament, or battle against other customers. Spectators can place bets on the outcome.
  • Silph Co.'s Holon Branch
  • Devon Corp.'s Holon Branch
  • Voltleaf Park, a park in the center of the city where Grass, Normal, Electric, Steel, and Bug, and some Psychic Pokemon can be found. These may be Delta, or may be normal typed.
  • The Ampere Department store. It sells various Pokemon products as well as Silph and Devon goods.