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Holon City is the main city of the Holon region. It is the largest city in the region, and is inhabited mostly by scientists and adventurers. However, a few regular people live here as well.

The city is contains several scientific buildings, such as laboratories. The Holon Institute is located here, where people looking to study the region are mentored in the special kind of science done in Holon. Additionally, the Holon Research Tower located in the city is the source of the magnetic storms that happen in the region. Despite these storms, scientists have managed to modify their equipment to function while under the storm. The Holon Museum is also located here, filled with artifacts from the Holon Ruins and other places, such as Ransei. A PEFE branch is located here as well. The city's proximity to the Holon Ruins has resulted in the creation of a guild of adventurers called the Alphas, who venture into the ruins and collect artifacts that are sold to the museum, scientists, and other parties.

It's architecture is characterized by white, Roman style buildings with red, often domed rooftops.


Holon City was initially founded as the headquarters for the scientists who came to the region to find Mew. It eventually became a full city after efforts to find Mew became less important, and the Delta Species phenomena became more widely known. As a result, new buildings were built for housing the non-scientific community.


Holon City is located at the center of the Holon region, connected to all residential areas except Joulant Town. Mirage Forest, Lake Volata, and Lake Holon are also present nearby, the former surrounding the city. Mt. Ohmeg can be seen from the city, but cannot be reached directly from it. The Holon Ruins are just outside the city.

Points of Interest

  • The Holon Institute
  • The several laboratories located around the city
  • The Holon Research Tower
  • The Holon Ruins
  • The Alphas guild
  • The Holon branch of PEFE