Mt. Ohmeg

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Mt. Ohmeg is Holon's tallest mountain and an active volcano.


Mt. Ohmeg is located in the middle of a mountain range that shares its name that covers most of western Holon. The western portion of the Mirage Forest, Cergus Town, Lake Volata, and Lake Holon all touch its foothills, and western Cergus Town contains the only direct entrance inside the mountain. The mountain range also creates a rainshadow effect on the western shore of Holon, which is responsible for the Calor Desert.

Characteristics and Lore

Mt. Ohmeg is a popular spot for hikers and other explorers both from Holon and elsewhere, and Cergus Town does guided tours of the mountain for tourism purposes. It is also known for the odd crystals that can also be found around the rest of Holon.