Cergus Town

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Cergus Town is a small town in the Holon region. It is a small hiking town that is mainly populated by scientists and hikers. The mountain being the main draw to the town, tours of it have been made available for visitors. Many Fire, Ground, Fighting, Rock, and Steel Pokemon can be found in close proximity to the town.


Cergus Town is located at the base of Mt. Ohmeg, and contains the only entrance on the east side of the mountain, the other being in the Calor Desert. Despite it's proximity to the mountain, the area is not very snowy, and is a grassland. The Mirage Marsh is located to the East of it.

Points of Interest

  • Proximity to Mt. Ohmeg and the Mirage Marsh
  • Mountain Study laboratory
  • Hiking store
  • Guided tours of Mt. Ohmeg.