Joulant Town

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Joulant Town is a small town in the Holon Region. It contains only one lab because of its small size. Many of the people who live here are not scientists, but normal people. They have formed a somewhat large fishing community due to the city's close proximity to the water. Additionally, there is a boat service that takes people to the Delta Islands. Joulant Town is also the main method of entering the region from Kanto.


Joulant Town, while geographically the first town coming from Kanto, was not the first Town built in the region. Holon City has that honor. Joulant Town started as an outpost by the early travelers to Holon, where incoming scientists could get directions and supplies for their journey to Holon City. Later, as more people began to move to the island for non-scientific purposes, Joulant Town was converted from an outpost to a small town. The lab is the only remnant of Joulant Town's outpost history.


Joulant Town is located near the isthmus leading to Kanto, and the forest route leading north to Coulombia City. The Delta Islands are also located near it.


Joulant Town, due being the furthest from the Holon Research Tower in Holon City, the source of the magnetic storms, still has Pokeball capabilities present. However, once people leave the city, their Pokeballs no longer work, suggesting that Joulant is just outside the magnetic waves' range. Despite having working Pokeball functions, people are not advised to capture Pokemon in the area.

Points of Interest

  • Close proximity to the Delta Islands
  • Pokemon lab