Giant Armortomb

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Giant Armortomb by Pikaninja7

The Giant Armortomb was a massive gestalt of Spritomb fought by the J-Team at the site of the Gold Conference in Jubilife.


Following the collection of most of the Tears within Mesprit's domain, the J-Team found the last Tear sitting within the center of the stadium, surrounded by portions of absolutely gigantic armor, with Obscura seemingly being absorbed from the air into the area. Upon approaching it, a massive amount of Spiritomb entered the armor and engaged the J-Team in combat.

The J-Team attacked its joints, causing it to stumble, before cracking the Keystone in the center with combined attacks. Following that, the Spritomb scattered as the armor itself was destroyed.


The Giant Armortomb mainly relied on its six arms and dual Obscura-infused blades to attack.